Monday, May 20, 2013

Pirate Party (1 of 3)

** Download the free pirate printables I created & used here***

For the kids birthday party in April, we decided on a Pirate theme.  
Cuz everybody loves pirates.

 The week before the party, one of the kids got a GIANT pirate play set.  It wasn't a coincidence.

The pics don't show everything.  I had to run and pick up balloons and 
Hubby was supposed to take more pics but got distracted.

 When every kid came in, they were given a checklist to find all their pirate loot.  Then I helped them into their sashes, eye patches and attached their treasure pouches.

The sashes were red cotton fabric torn into strips and left rough.
I sewed the pirate pouches out of a Jolly Roger patterned material.

The loot bags were found at my local party store and had coins, big plastic jewelry, another eye patch and other pirate-themed goodies.

 I made fun labels for the snacks.
The main dish was Chili (Rat Stew) and hot dogs (Dog Tails).  

Rather than have a cake, I made cupcakes - FunDaMiddles.  I got a cupcake tree and used black (dark chocolate) and white frosting with little pirate flags.

 Rolo candies
 Hershey Kisses
 The snacks table
 Cheese puff balls

 We also had a treasure hunt.  Rather than use a map, the kids had to go clue to clue to find the final destination - the Treasure!  It was in the sandbox marked with a gigantic "X."
I buried plastic gold coins and a big bag of plastic jewels and rings.

2 dozen red, white and black balloons rounded out the decor.

All in all, I think the kids had a really good time!

For more ideas, see Pirate Party Part 2 here.

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