Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pirate Party (2 of 3)

The loot bags by the door.  I found the bags at a local party store.

The Pirate Station.  This is where the kids first stopped when they arrived to get all "Pirate'd."  The bags were sewn by me with drawstring cording and were just big enough for some paper money and some gold coins.  Of course, they had eye patches and skull rings, too.  

The cupcake tower.  I don't think I will have another birthday cake - this was so much more fun!  I made 2 boxes of Fun da Middles - one vanilla and one chocolate.  I used dark chocolate frosting to give better contrast.  And of course, there were pirate flags on top.

The dining room table - pirate tablecloth, pirate decorations, a giant cookie and the cupcakes.

There were lots and lots of red, white and black balloons throughout the house!

For more ideas, see Pirate Party Part 1 here.

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