Friday, January 2, 2015

Weird Antique Store Finds

Yes, you can own you very own Native American boggle-googley-eye guy
 with a peace pipe (clearly filled with more than tobacco) for just $20!  

Same antique store - they are apparently greyhound lovers.  
When you use the bathroom, no matter where you are, you are being observed by
 thousands of eyes.  The entire bathroom was covered in dog pictures.  

After seeing the googly-eyed picture, then the bathrooms, 
I felt a little ... exposed.

And most recently, I found a handmade, plush Mr. T doll.  
He was cozily sitting in a (real, antique) high chair in the front room of a shop somewhere.  
Complete with gold-like chains, bracelet and rings, he was pretty bad ass.  For a $32 doll.

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