Monday, December 9, 2013

Super Cute Sloth Pin

My oldest son is into sloths.  I have no idea why, but when you have a 13 year-old, and they declare their favorite thing is an animal, you are thankful because it could be worse. For Christmas I decided to make him a little sloth guy to hang from his stocking.  Or an ornament.  Or just because.

Felt: tan, white, dark brown and red
Embroidery Floss: dark brown & tan
Tacky Glue
2 Seed Beads (small glass beads for eyes)

1. Cut out sloth bodies (2), white oval for face and 2 small ovals for eyes
2. Using very small stitches, stitch dark circles onto face.  You can also use tacky glue for this step.
3. Sew beads on for eyes (sorry, I forgot to take pictures of this step!)

4. Stitch nose and mouth with embroidery floss.

5. With tan floss, stitch sloth bodies together.  I used a basic blanket stitch.

6. Using Tacky Glue, glue the face onto the sloth.

6. To add a little personal touch, add a small red heart and glue it onto the sloth.

Voila - a 15 minute cute little sloth.

You can stuff it before you add your final blanket stitches to make it more of a softie, add a little bump for a tail, make the arms into a circle shape for hanging, add a pinback to make him into a pin, add a key chain to make him into a zipper pull... there are so many possibilities!

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