Tuesday, October 1, 2013


For Halloween, I borrowed the idea of making a junk pumpkin rather than carving it.  Disney Family Magazine... you are my inspiration and often my boredom savior!  Worth every penny.  I've used more ideas from this magazine than any other parenting/family magazine.  Over the last 11 years of parenting, there have been many... this one rocks.

I raided Grandad's garage the week prior and the our garage the Night of the Creating.  It was SUPER fun!  My kids loved pounding stuff into the pumpkins WAY more than carving and scooping out the guts.  No one got hurt and I wasn't worried someone would saw off a finger by mistake.

Itchy entered his in his school's Fall Ball Pumpkin Contest and won for his grade!!    His was an alien/scared person pumpkin.

Scratchy decided his needed a mustache and by the time he was done, we referred to his as the Mr. Pringles Pumpkin.

This is something we will definitely do again next year!

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