Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Easy Angry Birds Card

I needed to make a birthday card, had some scrap paper and a little inspiration- and here it is!

I don't have a template because it was all done on the fly, but here are the steps I took - anyone can make this -
Angry Birds are super easy shapes!

To make Red, you need:
red, black, yellow and white paper
a pencil
a black Sharpie.
a glue stick

With my pencil, I made a circle on the red paper,  I added two bumps on top for the feathers.
I cut out the red shape and outlined it with black Sharpie

To make the white tummy, I cut out an arc, glued it to the red body, then trimmed it to match the circle.  Again, this was all outlined with black Sharpie.

The mouth is made of 2 simple triangles.  the bottom one is slightly smaller than the top, but they both meet up on one corner (see pic).

The eyes are white circles with black Sharpie dots for pupils.

The eyebrows are a v-shape.  I added a little curve to one end.

Glue together and viola!  Red!

The background is simple blue and green paper with a white cloud.  All free-handed and outlined in black.

It took me about 30 minutes to get the pieces cut and set.  With a template, it would be even faster!

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