Friday, May 10, 2013

Paper Fusion Lantern Kit

For wine and chatter girls craft night I found these two lanterns and wanted to give them a try.  
They were a little on the pricey side for an unfinished craft, but the light was supposed to be extra fancy-pants and the novelty of making a lamp that would be whatever I wanted was pretty appealing.

The kit is called Paper Fusion comes with 4 unfinished square sides and a brace bar, instructions, a LED light bulb with cord and switch, translucent papers for making your own design/collage/glitter disaster, and metal screws.

I picked an assortment of metallic paint because I wanted some glittery parts.  Liquid Metal acrylic paint is one of my favorite metallic paints.  It's affordable and it looks amazing!

 First poured a glass of wine.   Then we painted all the sides and then glued the paper to the back.  

This is the view from the front.

 We lightly glued the sides together. 

Then we screwed the brace to the sides and the light base to the bottom.

2 hours and a bottle of wine later, this is the finished product.

Here is the other one we made.  Cool how close the paint matches the paper, huh?

Overall review:
It is a cool product.  The options to be able to make it your own and make it match your color schemes was awesome.  It was easy to make, the directions easy to follow.  They are made of pine/soft wood which makes them take paint easily.  One coat was all I needed.  The light bulb is super cool.  It truly does not get hot and I feel completely safe putting this light in the kids' bedrooms.

  • The screws were NOT easy to use.  The pre-drilled holes were not quite clean enough for the screws to easily go in.  
  • They are pricey.  For more than $30 each, they are not all that considering you need to add your own paint and paper - unless you want unfinished with translucent film.
  • The "Free $6 light" is a little misleading.  It's not free.  It's wrapped up in the price.
  • You can truly make it match whatever you want given the unfinished wood and zillion paper choices - or by using your own paper.
  • Directions are easy to understand.
  • Light is bright enough for thinner papers to still give a glow, but not overwhelmingly bright when using translucent film.
  • The light is LED - less energy used to use it!  Yay!
  • Light truly does not get hot.  Making me feel completely safe putting this in a kid's room and not worry about the paper smoldering.

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