Friday, April 26, 2013

Beach Bedroom & Burlap Wreath

I grew up on the beach (literally) and no matter where I am, I will always think of Lake Michigan as my home. Being so far away from the beach and not being able to visit often, I am homesick.  So I started collecting and arranging my semi-shabby chic craft projects and found items in the bedroom and making a beach theme.  I'd bring the comfort of the beach to me.

I knew I wanted it subtle and classy.  I definitely did not want margarita glasses and tikki torches or those wacky signs with sentimental quotes all over the place.  I also did not want it to look like something out of a Laura Ashley display.  That's just not me.

I started with a color palette - natural blues and browns.  Rather than limit to only one or two colors (and I LOVE color) I went for a general tone of a couple colors.  The quilt and duvet covers are a rich chocolate brown.  The walls are currently white/off white and the carpet a light sand color.  I have not decided if I want to change the wall color yet.

The first big piece I created was a beach wreath.   I was inspired from a picture on another website and wanted to re-create it my way.

I bought a floral foam wreath, some green-gray colored burlap and some pins.  I cut the burlap into long 2" strips and wrapped it around the wreath.  Then I cut billions of pieces about 1 - 2" square(ish).  After some trial and error, I found new pins (with heads) that held the burlap and I pinned the squares all over the wreath.

 When it was all burlap-ed, it sat on my dresser for about 2 weeks until inspiration hit me again and I found time (and stuff) to finish it.

I bought some chocolate brown ribbon with light blue trim and some matching thin brown ribbon at the craft store.  I cut small sections of the thin  ribbon and pinned it in various places throughout the wreath.  Next, I broke out the hot glue gun and glued some seashells, starfish and even a tiny sand dollar to the burlap.  Most of the shells were souvenirs from other trips I have taken and trips with Captain.

After extensive fiddling, intermittent swearing and a long thought about how it will fit in the trash can, I figured out how to hang the wreath with the wide ribbon and - Viola!  My beach wreath.

Sorry for the crappy pic quality - I was using my phone. 
I talked to my mom about what I was doing.  Still living in the same beach resort town I grew up in, the resources there are plentiful.  She dug out a box of goodies from her grandparents given to her when they lived in Florida.  It had lots of seashells, beautiful rocks and these two huge sand dollars.  I used the skinny brown ribbon and hung them on the opposite side of the wall from the wreath.

More cool jars and shells.
The only big thing I have left to renovate is the bedroom furniture.  It definitely does not match the overall look in the room.  So... new headboard, dresser and bedside tables are on the agenda - eventually.

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