Favorite Crafty Materials

I often get asked what are some of my favorite art materials - my "go-to" supplies.  While my art room is generally a mass of labeled totes and boxes of assorted stuff, here are some of my favorite things to use.  The things that make me all happy-pants when I find the opportunity to use them.

Sargent Art Liquid Metals

Chroma A2 Acrylic Paints

Tombow Mono Adhesive

My hot glue gun - dual temp.  I have 3-4 and misplace them regularly.

Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue

Yarn - the brighter and softer the better.  I love to crochet and have a basket of yarn permanently full of skeins just waiting for a purpose.

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for inspiration & materials:

United Art & Education - this store has both art and school items.  I can get paint and a math workbook for the kiddo.  Awesome!

Joanne's - the craft place for real crafters.  Nothing personal, Michael's.  I just think Joanne's has a more comprehensive selection.

Etsy - I'm all for homegrown, homemade, grass-roots support

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