Monday, April 17, 2017

Cold Brew Coffee

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I absolutely LOVE cold brew coffee!  I have tried to make it at home from scratch, but honestly, I just don't have the time and it never comes out quite right.  I am allergic to all dairy products, so all those fancy iced and cold brew coffees are out for me.  But then I found one that I CAN have!

It's organic!  It's ONLY coffee - no creamer, milk or sugar added!  It's Simple Truth (Kroger) brand.  Here's what Kroger has to say about it:
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Simple Truth Organic™ Cold Brew Coffee — Social responsibility, cold-brew goodness and convenience all in one bottle. Organically grown, Fair-Trade Certified, 100% Arabica beans take this Cold Brew Coffee to another level of on-trend tastiness! Enjoy our Colombian Dark Roast or Kona Blend varieties straight up or add a little flavor (with the Simple Truth Organic™ Coffee Creamers, of course!). 
Located in the Refrigerated Case of the Live Naturally Section.

Personally, I see all that added creamer and sugar as less coffee in the container.  Plus, I know how I like my coffee.  I don't like it overly sweet, but I do like a lot of my creamer (almond-coconut milk!).  This means I get more coffee overall for the value!

Cold brew coffee isn't "iced" coffee or cold coffee.  The flavor is not bitter like hot-brewed coffee or watery from ice cubes.  Cold brew coffee is smooth, flavorful and delicious.  Especially on a warm spring morning or a hot summer day!

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