Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cub Scout Flag Retirement

It was a cold, clear September night and the Cub Scouts and families were bundled up and gathered attentively around a fire ring on their final night of fall camping.  For them, it was their first flag retirement ceremony.  Under the direction of me and their Cubmaster, the group the Scouts learned about the colors of our flag, how to honor it and how and when to properly retire a worn flag.  
They learned that a flag is no longer a flag when it is cut into pieces.

While the fire was being built, the Webelos cut the flags to prepare.  Then all the Scouts lined up and one by one, they added a piece of the flags to the fire.  Afterwards, the adult leaders added the remaining flag pieces.  A moment of silence was held and the Scouts and their families remained around the fire observing, honoring and reflecting on their flag.  
For several hours, the ashes were tended to and, as required, the fire was never left alone.  When cool, the ashes were collected and then laid to rest the following morning.


This was an amazing and moving experience for me.  It made me really realize how blessed I am to be involved with Scouting and how through it I have found a passionate, caring, outstanding group of people to work with.
I have known most of them for a few years and we are all like an extended family.  

Never have I been so proud of my group of young men.  
Even if they are goofballs.

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