Friday, May 3, 2013

Rainbow Block Painting

A long time ago, I got a set of these little mini-canvases.  They are 2 7/8" square.    I kept them forever thinking I was going to do something AMAZING with them.  Well, year later I still didn't know what I wanted to do with these cute little pieces of creativity.

I could not decide on one color, so I picked all of them instead.  
I decided to make more rainbow art!

 I picked out 9 colors of Liquitex acrylic paint and painted each canvas 1/2 with white acrylic, then 1/2 with the full color, mixing a little as I went.  I made sure to paint the sides as well (which are also canvas covered!)

While they were drying (about 20 minutes), I started on my backdrop piece.

I had a square wooden board (used in place of a stretched canvas) and decided to put it to use.  You can find more wooden canvas boards here.  The color:  metallic silver. It was the first color to pop out at me when I was looking for a 10th color.  Black was boring.  White was too intense. Silver was both shiny and fun.

<--  This is the paint I used - Sargent Art's Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint.  It's an amazing metallic paint.  It literally looks like liquid metals in the jar.  I love it.

When everything was dry, I grabbed my hot glue gun and glued the mini-canvasses to the panel. 

Viola!  An easy rainbow art project that took less than 45 minutes.  It's not very smooth or mixed well.  That's okay.  If anyone comes to my house and questions it, I'll say one of the kids painted it!

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