Monday, May 6, 2013

Little Miss Matched Box

I am a creative person by nature and every once and a while, I drop everything I should be doing and make a mess with something else.  It's often time consuming, messy and in the way, but my creative brain screams for attention and it's best to give in.

Baby Girl is very much into jewelry lately, and we decided she needed something girly for her pretty sparkly things. After looking around for a jewelry box and not really liking any of them, I found a plain wooden box at a craft store and decided to just make my own for her.  Her bedroom is decorated in bright colors to the theme of Little Miss Matched (accented with Disney princesses, of course)

I started painting all the sides with 2-3 coats of brightly colored paint. (In retrospect, I would not get DecoArt paints again.  They are cheap, but they don't cover.)

I made the lid and sides different colors. Then I used painters tape to make the stripes and the cap to make dots.   You can see the crappy coverage on the first coat of these dots.

All sides were mix-matched stripes and polka-dots.

90% finished.  It still needs another 1-2 coats of paint and then sealant.  I think she will like it.

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